As of June of 2018, 75 Million riders have used Uber. The company published that “there are 3 Million Uber Drivers, and a total of 4 Billion rides have been completed worldwide. Uber operates in 65 countries and completes 15 million rides in a single day.” That said, it’s impossible to think that accidents aren’t part of Uber’s daily situations.

So, if your Uber Driver has an accident, you should:

  • Take a second to make sure everyone is okay
  • Notify police and paramedics if necessary
  • Take photos of the accident: get as many as possible!
  • Collect everyone’s information: phone numbers and license plate numbers are key!
  • If possible, get the information from all witnesses
  • Contact your insurance company
  • As soon as you get a chance, write down everything related to the accident: when days start to pass, it’s impossible to remember exactly what happened; but if you write it down right when it happened you can avoid any blurry memory.
  • Contact Uber

But there’s more. When you’re the passenger in an Uber during an accident, it’s important for you to know that the company has a $1 million policy that can take care of you. However, there are different rules depending the situation, which why you should hire a Personal Injury Attorney.


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